Rules. Please Read!!!!

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Rules. Please Read!!!!

Post by Aquistorm on Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:38 am

These rules will help you get along happily and healthy like. Not just to your fellow members, but also the staff. Every newbie has to read these rules.

1. Please do not spam the threads. Post threads in the appropriate sections in the forum and do not derail the threads in any shape or form. Falling off the discussion is forbidden. Make a new post of that said discussion. To minimize spam. Post at least 3 words in each post. Quotes, images, youtube videos and etc don't count. No bumping old threads. If you want to discuss a topic already posted that is older then 6 months old rather then posting a new one of the same topic. Discuss it with me or moderator for permission to bump it. Another thing. No posts that consists advertising other forums.

2. Get along. Astrology can be a sensitive subject talk about. As well discussing things that require one's opinions and beliefs. If you can't respect one's opinion or beliefs, then don't say anything at all to avoid a stupid heated argument that can end up with one or both feelings get hurt. Also don't get offended when you don't agree with someone else's opinion.

3. No racism or any kind of discrimination at all. I will draw the line of opinions and beliefs if they involve racism or any forms of discrimination. If you have a discriminating opinion. Keep your mouth shut. First time offenders will receive the harshest punishments. You have been warned.

4. Trolling, flaming, cyberbullying, death threats, suicide motivation will not be tolerated. Go find your attention elsewhere.

5. Keep astrology & chart reading in the Astrologer's thread only. I do not want to see advertisements of reading others or posts of people looking for a reader anywhere other then the designated section of the forum. I often don't condone Astrology Readings myself due to the readers could possibly give you false hope or information. You have been warned and we will not be held responsible for your poor judgement. Readers, I will not allow any form of readings that could take advantage of people. They must be 100% free, Which means you do not ask for banking or card information. Also I will not allow lewd pictures be sent for reading purposes. If you are caught doing these actions, you will be banned permanently.

6. No posting links that could lead someone to a malicious website, suspicious posts or something lewd. No pornographic, disgusting pictures or suspicious posts.

7. Multiple accounts. I will allow it only for the sake of family members and people using the same WiFi spots, but do not abuse it to bypass bans.

8. Vulgar language, I will allow this as long as you are not a potty mouth about it. Use some self control. Anger is not an excuse to bypass this. You also must be 18 years of age or older to access these forums

9. Respect the staff. If they say you are getting out of hand, then calm down and take a minute away from the keyboard.

10. Sign bashing. I understand that you don't like a particular sign for a particular reason. But it isn't necessary to bash people for the sign they are born under. They have no control over this. It isn't their fault that you had a bad time with someone with the same sun sign. If you need to vent, then vent. But don't blame the sign or people born under it.

Most of all have fun and enjoy your stay here. While you post your introduction thread. Please include your Zodiac Sun Sign and your Chinese Zodiac sign. Don't know it? Then post your birthday.

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